Welcome to the Bow Studio's
Sample Gallery


Our tiles, sculptures and other art work are our unique expressions. Made without moulds and all by hand. Our terracotta artwork is high fired and can be displayed inside or outside the home or office. The work with plant motif is available seasonally as fresh flowers and leaves are used in the designs.

The items shown below are representative of what we are currently making. Please contact us at bowstudio@bowsart.com for photographs of current work, prices, etc. All items are subject to prior sale and availability. While all items are unique and individually made, similar items are made and will be offered for sale.

Click on images for larger view.

"Sunning Turtles"
Natural mossy brown-green glazed
  "Two Blue Turtle Group"

Sunface Terra
Cotta Tile

  Plume Poppy Leaf Dish 14" diameter free form with blue glaze
Plume Poppy Dish
Turquoise Glaze
  Wisteria Tile
11" x 13" with carved wood frame

side view
Turtle with Turquoise Glazed Shell
5" diameter shell
top view
"Wild Sienna Leaf Dish"
7" x 11" clay dish $45
  "Summer" Large tile mosaic
24" x 66"
"Guardian Angel and Child" Large framed tile mosaic 25" x 50" $2,000   "Gingko Leaf Dish"
7" x 11" clay dish
"Cross with turquoise glaze"
Large Stamped and carved clay tile
  "Sunflower Tiles"
A set of 2 panels of framed clay tiles measuring 22" x 41"
"Industrial Abstraction" Computer enhanced photograph
18" x 22" framed
  "Industrial Abstraction in Blue and Yellow" Computer enhanced photograph 18" x 22" framed
21" x 26" framed clay tile mosaic